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There are more than 2,000 golf courses in Canada. Some people say golf is dying but dozens of golf clubs beg to disagree. We are one of those golf clubs and we are not just your typical golf club.

The Ace of Clubs

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According to several reports, there are over 40,000 golf holes in Canada scattered all over the country. Those reports were published back in 2015 and we are certain, that number went up years ago.

How do we know that, you ask? Simple, because golf or golfing, is what we do and talk about best.

The Ace of Clubs is more than a golf club. Yes, we do have a golf course that can accommodate more than 70 people. But our true mission is to give you the best golf experience ever, by learning everything there is to know about the sport.

Golf Magazine

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There are hundreds of golf magazines in Canada, most of them are online-based while others are printed and distributed. We provide both, printed and digital. The Ace of Clubs provides the latest updates and topics in the world of sports.

For example, the great return of golf legend Tiger Woods to the Masters tournament. After four back surgeries in three years, no one thought Woods will ever make a comeback. But last April, he proved the naysayers wrong.

We highlight all worthy and not so worthy news to keep golfing fans all over Canada and the world informed. What we want is simple, to keep you golf lovers updated.

Our online magazine is active, and we come up daily with new content. We release our printed magazine monthly but during the Masters or other major golfing tournaments, we tend to go a little bit overboard.

So, if you are looking for that online site for all your golfing needs, go for The Ace of Clubs.

Golf Clubs

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The Ace of Clubs is also the destination if you want to talk about golf clubs. All brands, all designs and everything about this awesome sports equipment.

If you are looking to buy your own set, make sure to stop by. We’ll help you make the best decision at the best price.

Robert Mitchell – The One with the Ace

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Robert Mitchell, a local from the province of Alberta is the man behind The Ace of Clubs. Mitchell grew up in the small village of Chauvin. Golf was not the bee’s knees in Chauvin before. There were only a couple of small golf courses back then.

So, Mitchell never really liked golf back then, nor did he know about it. But, the first time he heard about it until the time he saw a hole in one, he was hooked. Since then, Mitchell started playing golf in his backyard and he wanted to turn pro.

Somewhere along the line, Mitchell knew he wouldn’t be able to make it. With everything else going on in his life, Mitchell decided to put down the club and find a job. But, that’s not where Mitchell’s golfing career ended.

He knew the sport better than anyone, he knew how they keep score. He knew the specific names of the clubs and their purpose. He knew the rules and most of all, he knew how to write about golf.

That’s where it all started.